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$2,000,000 Coverage as low as $13.16

*Premium total is for a Patriot Internal Platinum plan for a 30 year old female, Florida, US Citizen with a 7 day trip to Canada. This plan also includes Covid-19 covered as any other illness. This is an illustration and not a price guarantee.

Travel Medical

Making plans to travel abroad? Surveys are predicting more travel to take place in 2023, than has occurred the last 2 years.

Traveling abroad can be an exciting experience. You’ve booked your hotel reservations, prepared your passport and other important documentation, but have you considered your health insurance coverage? Most health insurance plans won’t cover a medical emergency outside of the U.S. If your plan does provide coverage for international treatment, it may be limited.

Secure Your Travel Coverage Today

International healthcare may be different from what you’re used to.
Be sure to secure your international medical plan before you travel should an incident occur while you’re away from home.

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Travel medical coverage is ideal for:

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International Vacationers

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Relatives Visiting from Overseas

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Tourists on Cruises, Safaris or Guided Tours

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International Business Travelers

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Students Studying Abroad

Pivot Health partners with IMG: Illustration of a travel suitcase and a location pin above assorted plants and shapes.

Pivot Health partners with International Medical Group® to offer a suite of travel medical products to assist you during your upcoming journey.
See how you can protect yourself and your family with international coverage.

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Patriot plans provide short-term coverage for individuals and families traveling internationally for business or leisure. Plans include services for physician visits, urgent care, emergency room, and more.

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Global medical insurance is suitable for those seeking longer term coverage, (1 year+). These plans are ideal for global citizens in need of annual renewable medical coverage, deductible and maximum limit options.

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Travel protection plans cover trip cancellations, baggage delays, accident and sickness medical benefits, and several other travel related events. Consider these plans to help prepare for unforeseen travel expenses.

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1 https://www/imglobal.com/newsroom/article/2023/03/29/img-travel-outlook-survey-predicts-continued-surge-of-international-travel-in-2023

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