A Buyer’s Guide

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Step One

Understand What’s Most Important to You


What kind of benefits are you looking for?

Healthcare Usage

Are you healthy and don't see the doctor a lot?

Risk Profile

Protection in case of accidents or an emergency?

Prescription Drugs

Do you need Rx drug card and copay benefits?


What is your monthly cost target? How much out-of-pocket?

Length Of coverage

How long would you want coverage for?

Step Two

Choose a Plan Type You Are Interested In

Choose between Economy, Choice, Standard, and Deluxe plans by reading the below descriptions and consulting our brochure.

More coverage


Lower monthly premiums

Economical Plans

We have health plan options for someone on a budget.

These plans are for healthy individuals who don’t plan to use their insurance benefits very often but want financial protection, just in case.

Copay Plans

Cost-effective health plans with doctor & Urgent Care benefits.

These plans generally work well for someone who is healthy but might see the doctor once or twice a year.

Clear-Cut Plans

Definitive plans for those looking for a high level of maximum coverage.

These plans offer prescription drug benefits to help lower monthly drug costs.

Personalized Plans

Personalized plans offer coverage options with lower deductibles and prescription drug benefits.

For those who might see a doctor frequently and take multiple medications, we have plans that can lower your total out-of-pocket costs.

Step Three

Next, run a quote and review which plan fits you best, and be sure to check out the brochure and plan details. You can also browse available plans by sorting your plan results. Begin by choosing specific plans to compare and then select the one that fits your needs and budget by adjusting deductibles, maximum coverage limits, coinsurance or monthly premium (your cost).

Step Four

Check Eligibility And Enroll


Once you select your plan, your eligibility will be verified and you will have the opportunity to go over the exclusions. You can review the exclusions here.

Finally, fill out your application and get coverage for starting as early as the next day!

Keep in mind that when you’re ready to enroll, you can continue the application, get online chat support or call in for assistance.

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