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Pivot Health does not currently have plans available in your state. But we have a variety of plans through our partner, UnitedHealthOne. Click below to find out more!
Hi , thinking about your Medicare options? You are not alone.

Health offers you great alternatives to get savings for your Medicare costs!

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Hi , we heard you’re in !

The only health insurance plans available to you right now are Obamacare plans. In most states, you can enroll in a plan during the Open Enrollment Period between November 1, 2020, and December 15, 2020. However, the Open Enrollment Period is currently closed except in the states below:However, the Open Enrollment Period is currently closed. To qualify, you need a Special Qualifying Event.

  • NY Ending on 1/31/21
  • MN Ending on 1/22/21
  • CA Ending on 1/31/21
  • CO Ending on 1/25/21
  • MA Ending on 1/23/21
  • NV Ending on 1/15/21*
  • NJ Ending on 1/21/21
  • PA Ending on 1/21/21
  • DC Ending on 1/21/21

We have partnered with HealthSherpa so you can enroll directly into an Obamacare plan. Click on the link below to understand your options. or find out if you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period. Click on the link below to understand your options.

You can also give us a call at (855) 584-1067 to find out about your options from a licensed agent.

*Short-term health insurance plans are available after January 15, 2021.

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